Drone Video of Enercon E126:  UAVs can be used for both inspection and marketing services.


Ventus utilizes state of the art FLIR technology to deliver best in class infra-red data acquisition systems.  Multiple drone systems can be equipment with our FLIR cameras. 

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Ventus has been using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) to perform wind turbine rotor blade inspections since 2012.  Ventus performed the first UAV inspection of a wind turbine in North America and we discovered that drones could perform many types of inspection work quicker, safer and more cost effectively than traditional methods.  Ventus then developed industry specific drone inspection programs.   By using UAVs, Ventus is able to reduce the risk of humans getting injured by accessing locations that would normally be hazardous.  The data that is acquired by using a drone is significantly better and can be interpreted faster when integrated with the proper software systems.

UAVs are changing the way we think about managing a wide variety of our country's power generation and infrastructure assets.  Ventus is now utilizing the benefits of unmanned aircraft to inspect Oil & Gas facilities, Pipeline Installations, Land Development, Environmental Protection and much more.



David Anderson

Sales Manager

N. America Inspection Services

Dallas, Texas

Email: technical@ventuswind.com

Tel: +1-682-551-0708


Ventus News Updates & Press Releases:


April 22nd, 2015- Ventus receives Section 333 Certification from the FAA to operate multiple drone platforms across the United States both for onshore and offshore operations.

As of  August 2015, Ventus has registered all of its uav aircraft with the FAA and received N numbers.  

Stephen Robinson


European Wind Energy Group

West Yorkshire, UK

Email: s.robinson@renewcm.com

Tel: +44 (0) 19 24 609 760